Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Evangelism Study Bible

We Christians have been charged with sharing the Good News – evangelism. For some, that is a difficult task. EvanTell and Kregel Publications have teamed up to provide a new tool to aid in evangelism.

EvanTell is an evangelism training and outreach ministry in Dallas, Texas. Founded by Dr. R. Larry Moyer, the ministry has been providing material, training and events for over forty years. Now that material has been included in a Bible as a comprehensive tool for sharing the gospel. It has been designed to be a study and training resource to help equip believers to share the gospel.

About the Bible:
Here are the features of the Bible:
  • a brief introduction to each book in the Bible, focusing on its contribution to evangelism
  • more than 2,600 study notes pertaining to evangelism
  • over 260 tips on practical issues in evangelism
  • 125 in-depth articles on crucial issues
  • 85 how-to features that provide hands-on advice
  • 45 inspirational devotions
  • double column format with cross references in the center
  • concordance
  • a three page presentation of the gospel
  • full-color maps
  • the New King James Version
  • black letter (words of Christ are not in red).

My review:
I am impressed with the evangelism material in this Bible. The articles and tips are very helpful. Many deal with issues that Christians find difficult when sharing the gospel. For example, an article on Amos 7:7-17 helps us witness to those who have been hurt by someone in the church. The article is well done, with compassion, insight and good suggestions. Other articles include suggestions for sharing with people who do not believe in life after death, who question how God can allow injustice or who say there are many ways to God.

I would have preferred a translation other than the NKJV as it is not my favorite. That only slightly detracts from my appreciation of The Evangelism Study Bible. This Bible contains a wealth of tools for anyone wanting to learn how to share the gospel clearly.

Potential readers do need to remember that the notes are pretty much the work of one man, Dr. Moyer, the founder of EvanTell. The works cited are all by him or EvanTell. I would have preferred that a number of evangelistic works be consulted, from a variety of Christian disciplines. I am sure there will be those who feel the work is lacking in some area. Nonetheless, there is a great deal of worthwhile information contained in this Bible and I do recommend it to anyone desiring to witness more effectively. A solid four out of five stars for this work.

You can find out more about EvanTell at www.evantell.org/ and specifically about The Evangelism Study Bible at www.evantell.org/bible.

Kregel Publications, 1564 pages.

I received a complimentary copy of this Bible from the publisher for the purpose of an independent and honest review.

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