Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Deadfall by Robert Liparulo Book Review

Hutch and three friends go on a trip into remote northern Canada to hunt with bows and repair their broken lives. They have been dropped off by a helicopter and are on their own for several days.

In a nearby town, evil has taken over. The son of a wealthy businessman who build and tests stars wars type prototypes has designs of creating the ultimate video game. He needs realistic footage of death and destruction. He takes over the town and uses a laser shooting satellite to kill and destroy, filming it all.

The two groups come in contact and one of Hutch's friends is killed. The only hope for the captive town is Hutch and his remaining friends. Men with a bow (and a pistol with a few rounds) combat star wars technology. The technology is so advanced, as one character says, "They were always one step ahead or were so close behind it didn't make a difference."

The writing is tight and the book is full of tension and excitement. Just when it seems Hutch will win, evil lurches forward. One problem with the pacing of the book is that the reason behind the behavior of the evil star wars killer is delayed until the second half of the book, when the action is intense. There is a juxtaposition of intense action and a lengthy explanation of the background. Had the explanation been earlier, and part of the action, it would have helped the reader understand the motives involved and it would not have disrupted the intense action near the end.

There is no "Christianity" in this book (it is published by Nelson). There is definite good and evil and several references to God but it might have been more appropriate if at least one of the characters exhibited Christianity.

I have read most of Liparulo's books. He is a great suspense writer and keeps you on the edge. I already have the sequel to Deadfall and will read it soon.

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