Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Night Watchman by Mark Mynheir Book Review

Ray Quinn was a tough cop but eleven months ago he had been shot and his partner killed. Now he is a night watchman in an appartment complex, walks with a cane and is in constant pain. Then a minister and a night club dancer are found shot in one of the apartments. The Orlando police write it off as a murder suicide but the minister's sister, Pam, thinks it is murder and asks Quinn to help find the murderer.
Thus begins a great mystery novel. Mynheir has done a great job creating a likeable character although he drinks Jim Bean to alleviate his pain and can't keep his sarcastic mouth quiet. Quinn is confronted with Christianity but objects to a God who allows such misery as he has seen.
The writing is well done and Mynheir is witty. At one point Quinn asks, "So your God can use heathens too?" Pam answers, "Absolutely. He once spoke through a mule. Using you wouldn't be that different."
The novel ends with the happy possibility of more to come. I hope so.

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