Monday, July 20, 2009

Rose House by Tina Ann Forkner

Rose House is a sequel to Ruby Among Us. Lillian has gone to La Rosaleda after her husband and young children are killed in an automobile accident. She meets Kitty (a main character in Ruby Among Us) and begins to understand her life and how it will progress.

The character development in this book is hard for me to grasp. Lillian at times seems to not be affected by the death of her family. Her long lost sister comes on to the scene and there is a great deal of anger between them. Their parents and brothers died in a fire when the sisters were young. (Doesn't this seem like too much death by tragedy for Lillian? Only in a novel...) Lillian does not seem to be consistent in her character throughout the book.

And then there is this shadow of someone wanting to harm Lillian and those she loves. It has roots in the automobile accident four years before. (Yes, suddenly, four years go by with the turn of a page.) Someone killed her family and now they want to harm her (four years later?).

It is certainly not the most well written of books. Tell you the truth, I'd skip it.

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