Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Quest for More by Paul David Tripp

“Thy kingdom come…” We pray this frequently. Some of us recite it every Sunday. What does it mean? What is the kingdom and how does it “come”? In A Quest for More, Paul David Tripp gives us answers to those questions.
God has designed us to be a part of his kingdom, the big kingdom where we live for God. Satan tricks us into living in our own small kingdom, where we live for ourselves. We were made for more than being at the center of our own world. We were made for more than finding our satisfaction in a life that has self at its center. We were made for more than getting our own way and being happy.

“Kingdom living means living with Christ at the center of everything I think, desire, say, and do.” That is the kingdom we were meant to live in. Living for Christ is the only way we will be liberated from our own kingdom. Only love for Christ has the power to displace love for self.
We have a choice. We can live in our self-made little kingdom or we can live as we were meant to, as part of the big kingdom of God.
While there are no study questions in the copy I read it would be an excellent book to read and study in a group. Tripp gives clear examples of each aspect of kingdom living by telling a personal story at the beginning of each chapter. The combination of personal experience and solid teaching makes for a challenging book. After you’ve read this book, I trust you will never be satisfied to live in your own little kingdom. Instead, you will be “living with the purpose, character, call, grace, and glory of the Lord Jesus Christ as the central motivation and hope for everything you think, desire, do, and say.”

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