Saturday, July 18, 2009

First Light by Bodie & Brock Thoene

First Light is the beginning of the A. D. Chronicles. I found the WW II series the Thoenes had written to be very well done and was excited to read this series but have been disappointed.
First Light is about life and characters in Jerusalem during the time of Jesus' ministry there. The events of the gospels are woven in with imaginary events and characters. The writing is tedious. There are pages of prose with the only purpose seemingly to inform the reader of Old Testament background. I would have preferred that the information be revealed in the course of action, while the narrative is moving forward.
The writing contains mostly transliteration of Hebrew names and places with an odd contemporary, and therefore more familiar, reference. It makes for hard reading. If our translations of the New Testament use Nicodemus, why do the Thoenes use Nakdimon?
Also, who are these strange Ushpizin who appear as Abraham, Isaac and other Old Testament characters?
The Thoenes have Jesus (oh, excuse me, Yeshua) saying words and predicting events we do not find recorded in the gospels. This is dangerous writing, imagining words spoken by part of the Godhead (as we saw in the criticism of The Shack). It may have added to the narrative but did not add to my appreciation of the book.
I know the A. D. Chronicles sells well. I don't know why. It's not to my liking and I'll not read another in the series.

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