Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bound by Guilt by C. J. Darlington

Christy (Thicker Than Blood) is working at Dawson's Book Barn and is engaged to the owner, Hunter Dawson. 
Roxie is a sixteen year old, abandoned by her mother, then moved through a number of foster homes.  When kids in the last one ganged up on her, she ran and is now in the care of her relative, Irene.  Irene and her son Diego steal valuable books from antequarian bookstores.  Roxie is forced to join in on the scheme.
The trio hits Dawson's Book Barn.  When Roxie fails to distract Christy long enough for Irene and Diego to steal all they wanted, they go back at night and break in.  Hunter surprises the thieves and is shot dead.
Abby is a cop on suspension for being too rough on the mayor's wife when she was arrested for DWI.  She is Hunter's sister and determined to find his killer.  She convinces Christy to join her in the hunt.

Darlington has written another very good novel.  The characters are well crafted.  Roxie struggles with love, acceptance and forgiveness when a ranch couple take her in.  Abby struggles with desires for revenge, as well as anger toward her father.  She also has issues with her ex-husband who keeps distance between Abby and their daughter.  Christy knows the grace she has experienced from God and wants to share it with others, even her fiance's murderer.
Darlington is a very talented writer.  Her second book is well worth reading.  There are  discussion questions at the end so this would make a god selection for reading groups.
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Tyndale House Publishers, 390 pages (every one of them good).

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