Friday, April 8, 2011

Mission: Out of Control by Susan May Warren

Brody Wickham is a former Green Beret now with the international security firm of Stryker International.  While on forced leave Brody is hired by a U. S. Senator to protect his daughter turned rock star while she tours Europe.  Sparks fly as Veronica "Vonya" Wagner butts heads with Brody.  Vonya is making secret arrangements to rescue a boy she met on an African tour now being forced into being a boy soldier.  Brody is desperately trying to protect her.  And there is someone on the tour who seems to be involved in diamond smuggling.
Will Brody be able to protect Vonya as she sneaks away to make the final arrangements?  Will Brody and Vonya come to realize that their hearts are the same?
Warren has crafted a pretty good combination of mystery and romance.  Christianity and God's forgiveness are essential parts of the story.  I was impressed with this short novel.
The discussion guide at the end would make this a good book for reading groups.

See her website:

Steeple Hill (the inspirational imprint of Harlequin), 218 pages. 

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