Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mending Her Heart by Judy Baer

Catherine Stanhope has quit her lucrative and prestigious job at a big law firm.  She had won a crucial custody case but is distressed that her hard work may not have resulted in the best situation for the child.
She plans to go to a small town in Minnesota, to her grandmother who raised her.  She knows her grandmother will help her make the decisions about her future in law. 
But by the time she has made all the arrangements, her grandmother has died.  When Catherine arrives she finds Will Tanner had been hired by her grandmother and is the midst of restoring the family home.  This causes a problem with her plans to sell the historic house and move on with her life.  And then there is her growing attraction to Will.
There is a discussion guide at the end so this would make a suitable book for a reading group.
It's a simple plot but Baer manages to make it last over 200 pages.  The action and characters are well done.  It was a nice and relaxing late night read.

Steeple Hill (the inspirational series from Harlequin), 215 pages.


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