Monday, April 11, 2011

The Final Summit by Andy Andrews

David is a Traveler we met in The Traveler's Gift. He had used the Seven Decisions he learned (in that book) and became very wealthy then lost it all. Realizing the stupid mistakes he had made, he began over, refused debt and became wealthy again. Then he created foundations and charitable trusts to give it all away.
Now, at 74, his wife has died. As he reviews the Seven Decisions Gabriel appears and calls him to a summit, a meeting of all the Travelers. The future of the human race is at stake. As the only traveler living in the current age, David has been chosen to lead the summit.
The people assemble. There is Churchill, Washington, Eleanor Roosevelt, kings and queens, Columbus and many others.
The archangel announces the assembly so that humanity might have a final opportunity to right its ship. Time is already racing by. The summit to arrive at the answer to this question Gabriel asks, “What does humanity need to do, individually and collectively, to restore itself to the pathway toward successful civilization?” The answer, the angel says, is just two words.
Joan of Arc suggests “restore hope.” Abraham Lincoln offers “seek wisdom” as the consensus of those near him. A WW II hero says those around him are sure it is “show courage” or “be courageous.” King David suggests “self-discipline.” George Washington Carver brings what is thought to be the final answer, “building character.” None is correct. Until... (I won't spoil it for you.)
We hear stories of various Travelers as the answers are proposed. We also sit in on discussions around the meaning and value of the proposed answers. (The section on self-discipline, spoken by Lincoln and Churchill, makes the book worthwhile in itself.)
As is often the case with Andy's books, he notes at the end that while he wrote most of it, some of it consists of words actually spoken by the historical characters in reality. The historical background about the characters is true. There is a great reader's guide at the end of the book. The questions help cement the book's principles into one's life.

The journey does not have to end at the end of the book:

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I received an ebook from Thomas Nelson Publishers for the purpose of this review.

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