Sunday, October 21, 2012

Practicing the Presence of Jesus by Wally Armstrong

Jesus Christ is the greatest thing that could ever happen to you. Yet there is a gift often laid aside by modern Christians – the gift of the offer from Jesus to become his friend.
Perhaps you are like Wally, trying in his own strength to be more Christlike. He realized one day that Jesus was beside him offering the transforming gift of friendship.
“We have missed the gift of simple friendship, even though that friendship was the first thing Jesus offered his disciples before he ever taught them to minister or schooled them in theology.” (30)
Wally says this important step of accepting Jesus as friend is the foundation of discipleship. He refers to the impact of Weatherhead's book, The Transforming Friendship.
Wally writes about the “exercise of imagination” by which one may “grow into a faith in Christ's intimate presence” that is “strong and unshakable.” (38) He envisioned Jesus beside him. He began to read the Bible with Jesus sitting beside him. It may seem awkward at first, Wally admits, but the more you envision Jesus the more natural the friendship becomes.

Wally shares his own journey, his ups and downs in living in friendship with Jesus. He waited nine years to write this book. He wanted to make sure what he was experiencing was consistent with the Scripture and the testimonies of other believers. He points out that he means no irreverence to Jesus and does not want to downplay Jesus, King and Ruler of the universe. (84)

Jesus does want to speak to you, Wally says. “We simply need to take the time to listen.” (44) He invites you to participate in cultivating a faith-filled imagination. “There is always more to see and more to learn of Jesus.” (81)

You can find out more at You can watch a video and read a sample chapter. (The site does appear a bit dated.)

Wally Armstrong competed in over 300 PGA Tour events, including the British Open, the US Open, and the Masters, and was awarded a lifetime membership in the Tour. He is the author of seven books. He and his wife of forty one years live in Maitland, Florida. They have three children and seven grandchildren.

Summerside Press, 112 pages.

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I received a complimentary galley of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this review.

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