Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Show Me How to Share Christ in the Workplace by R. Larry Moyer

Moyer believes, “Every committed Christian needs to recognize that he or she is in full-time ministry.” (9) Whether you are a pastor or a plumber, all “who see Christ as their employer – all are in full-time ministry.” (10)
This doesn't mean that you are slacking in your job. Your time is used in a God honoring way. The Bible is the place to find out how this is done.
Moyer turns to Colossians 4:2-6. He uses that passage to investigate evangelizing effectively in the workplace.

He explains how to turn conversations to spiritual things (plow and pursue) and present the gospel with clarity and simplicity. It begins with prayer, living in an atmosphere of prayer. He notes key points to pray for in the workplace. He shows how to explain sin to a non-Christian. He explains the gospel, what it means to believe, and where repentance fits in.
He covers how to help new believers grow, explaining how to turn believers into disciples.
Finally, he shows how all of this can be transferred to public speaking opportunities. He explains how to write your own testimony, giving you a method you can master. He gives ideas on how to feel more comfortable at public speaking and outlines what kinds of evangelistic messages leaders can give. He includes a sample message. (It's funny!)

Moyer reminds us that for us to share our faith, we must live as we should. Our life should be one of wisdom toward those who are unbelievers. “Live in such a way that you draw non-Christians closer to Jesus instead of turning them away from Him.” (43) He describes what this looks like in the workplace.

This little book contains a wealth of information for any Christian in the workplace. The workplace is not merely a job; it's your ministry. If you want to lead another to Christ before you die but don't know how, this book makes it very clear.

Larry Moyer is the president, CEO and visionary of Dallas based EvanTell, one of the most innovative evangelistic organizations in the world. Moyer has been sharing the gospel simply and clearly and equipping believers to do the same for thirty-nine years. He has written three other books in the “Show Me How” series.

See more about this amazing ministry at www.EvanTell.org.

Kregel Publications, 176 pages.  Publisher's product page.

Please visit your local Christian bookstore to buy this book.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the B&B Media Group, Inc., for the purpose of this review.

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