Friday, October 26, 2012

Prayers of a Stranger by Davis Bunn

What a pleasant novel to read during the Christmas season.
A couple is healing from pain of a stillbirth the Christmas before. Amanda had been a nurse in the hospital natal unit. She could not face returning to that job and had been appointed personal assistant to the hospital's director. She excelled, even as she pushed down her pain.
Her husband Christ was with an electronics company, a company that looked like it was facing bankruptcy soon.
Their neighbors, an older couple, had received word their estranged daughter wanted to reconnect – again. Would it be like the last time she showed up, stealing her mother's jewelry and going back to drugs?
The lives of these two couples intertwine as the women travel to Israel and the men face their concerns at home. God graciously acts through the prayers of others as healing takes place in each of their lives.

A pleasant and satisfying novel.

Davis Bunn has sold more than seven million books in fifteen languages. He has been honored with three Christy Awards for excellence in historical and suspense fiction. For over a decade, Bunn has served as write in Residence at Regent's Park College, Oxford University, and was recently named Lecturer in the university's new creative writing program. Find out more at and

Thomas Nelson, 217 pages.  

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