Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Apocalypse Rising by Timothy J. Dailey

Finally, an author has brought some sensibility to the craziness of books on the last days. Rather than picking apart Bible prophecies, setting dates, Dailey looks at the general themes of the last days and what they might mean for us today.

I was impressed with his insight into the prophetic invasion “from the north.” He suggests it has more to do with the direction of the invasion than the place of the invaders' origin. He gives a good example from Jeremiah where the predicted invaders from the north were, in fact, the Babylonians who resided in the east.

Dailey includes a great deal of historical background on the areas identified in prophecies, such as that of the Ottoman Empire. He includes information on how the Sykes-Picot agreement after WW I caused great unrest in the Middle East, resulting in the rise of the movement seeking to establish a world wide Islamic state. He has a good exploration of how Islam treats unbelievers as well as their hatred toward Israel. I was reminded that Muslims believe it is fine to give false information to unbelievers. I was astounded by his information about the state of Islam, its aims and actions, including killing or forcibly converting Christians while the West is ambivalent. Dailey wonders if the migrants flooding Europe (“jihad by migration”) might be the third invasion of Europe.

Christendom is on the brink, he says. The near future may show whether the U.S. and Europe will recover their spiritual heritage or be overrun. He reminds us of the moral decline and the growing criminalization of Christianity in the U.S. He wonders if a continued trend in this direction will lead to the U.S. being Mystery Babylon.

And if you have forgotten some of the recent prophetic craziness, Dailey reminds us in an Afterward of the predictions for September 2015 by authors like Jonathan Cahn and John Hagee. Then the month came and went and nothing happened. Dailey rather advocates looking at the general signs of the last days and not trying to compare specific events with specific prophecies.

I really like Dailey's approach. Apocalyptic literature employs imagery, he says, and there will always be an element of mystery involved. We best concentrate on the overall themes rather than trying to interpret individual events like so many have tried to do in the past. We'll only end up with egg on our face.

I highly recommend this book to those interested in the history behind the current global situation and an investigation into the general themes of the last days. You won't find diagrams or specific predictions. You will find a realistic and intelligent exploration of Bible prophecy in relation to current events.

You can find out more about the book and read an excerpt here.

My rating: 5/5 stars.

Timothy J. Dailey has degrees from Moody Bible Institute, Wheaton College Graduate School, and Marquette University. He has lived and taught on three continents. He met his wife in Bethlehem, where their first two children were born. He taught at Bethlehem Bible College and upon returning to the States, at Toccoa Falls College. He became senior editor for Chuck Coleson's "Breakpoint" radio program. He has also served as a senior fellow at the Family Research Council. He has written a dozen books as well as numerous articles. He and his wife have five grown children and live in Northern Virginia.

Chosen Books, 224 pages.

I received a complimentary egalley of this book from the publisher for the purpose of an independent and honest review.

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