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The Harbinger II by Jonathan Cahn

Cahn is a master at correlating Old Testament passages to American events. He writes, “America was founded after the pattern of ancient Israel.” (221) America is falling the same way Israel did, he says. More judgment will come unless we repent.

Cahn proves his ideas with some stunning correlations between America and Israel. Most of them revolve around 9/11. New York has great significance in the role it plays, from the initial relationship to the current virus judgment. I am disappointed more of the information was not documented (I had to look up much to make sure Cahn was accurate). I am also a bit leery of all the correlations Cahn projects. As a student of science and statistics, I know one can find an amazing number of correlations with a specific date if one looks hard enough.

Nonetheless, this book is an important one in discussing the current state of America and the possibilities for its immediate future.

Sometimes I feel Cahn goes beyond the facts and makes broad assumptions. One concerns Winthrop and the founding of the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1630. Winthrop declared a covenant with God when establishing that colony. Cahn broadens this one colony establishment to the entire American civilization. (108) He writes, “...we do know that America's founders made a covenant with God, based on Israel's covenant with God.” (108) Winthrop's covenant statement is broadened to all the founders without supporting evidence. There were several previous colonies founded, beginning with Jamestown in 1607. I do not think one can expand one man's words about the founding of one colony to the future of the entire nation. I know we want to believe America was founded as a “Christian” nation but one colony does not a nation make.

Cahn later appeals to George Washington's inaugural address, writing, “America's first government committed and consecrated the nation's future to God.” (231) Washington's actual words were, “...that Almighty Being...whose providential aids can supply every human defect, that his benediction may consecrate to the liberties and happiness of the People of the United States, a Government...” (See 1 below) Washington asked God to consecrate, or bless, the U. S. To me, that is not the same as dedicating the nation to God. (232) And Cahn says where Washington made his dedication of the nation is St. Paul's Chapel. (232) Not true. Washington's inaugural speech was at Federal Hall (26 Wall Street) not St. Paul's (209 Broadway). Granted, Washington went to services there after his speech but did not give his speech there.

This brings up a thought provoking question. Because Winthrop made a covenant statement, does that mean every American is involved? Because one group of people projected the image of a god on the Empire State Building, does that mean the entire city of New York is under God's judgment?

Sometimes Cahn doesn't give the whole story. The recent change in the abortion law in New York is a case in point. Cahn writes, “...the law legalized the killing of children up to the point of birth.” (191) He fails to notice the conditions required: danger to the mother's life or health or the lack of viability of the child outside the womb. I would rather such declarations by Cahn be more accurate.

And another issue. Cahn says the peek of the seven day average for the infection rate in New York was April 9 and April 10, exactly 50 years to the day New York expanded the abortion law. (229) Actually, the seven day rolling average peeked on April 8 at 5305, April 10 and April 11 rolling figures are 5205 and 5040, according to NYC Health website. (See 2 below) Cahn's source is a newspaper article, not the official state data source. This may be a small issue but Cahn makes a big deal of the “exact date." It's not. While I verified many of the correlations, it does make me wonder about the others I did not take the time to check.

While I disagree with some of Cahn's information and conclusions, there is still enough amazing information in this book that a skeptic like me would recommend it. It is an important wake up call to the country to repent. Will the future hold more judgment or restoration?

While this is the second book in a series, there is no need to read first one as the basic harbingers revealed in that book are reviewed in this one. It should also be noted that this book is fiction.

My rating: 4/5 stars.

Jonathan Cahn is the author of several previous books and is known as a prophetic voice of our times. He leads Hope of the World and Beth Israel/the Jerusalem Center, his ministry base and worship center in Wayne, New Jersey. He is a popular speaker and appears through out America and the world. You can find out more at

Frontline (Charisma House), 304 pages.

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I received a complimentary advanced reading copy of this book from the publisher. My comments are an independent and honest review.

(My star ratings: 5-I love it, 4-I like it, 3-It's OK, 2-I don't like it, 1-I hate it.)

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