Sunday, October 31, 2010

Advent of a Mystery by Marilyn Leach

Berdie was an investigative reporter but now finds herself in a small village in England with her husband who is the new vicar in the parish.  An elderly woman is murdered and Berdie can't help but get involved to solve the mystery.
There are problems with this book, starting at the back cover.  The copy wrongly says a man dies at a Christmas celebration.  It's a woman who dies and she is murdered in her home.  And then there is this strange use of a pronoun after a preposition, "I mean, with he and his boys littered about."  (Page 228, first line.)
Perhaps the most disconcerting problem is the lack if British style.  I read Anne Perry, Agatha Christie, Elizabeth George, etc. and this novel lacks the descriptions so necessary to the style.  The author lives in Colorado and it shows.
The good things about the novel are that the story is pretty good, there is some cute humor, and the print is nice and large for older readers (who would probably appreciate the novel the most).
The novel is over priced at $10.99.

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