Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Last Operative by Jerry Jenkins

Jenkins wrote the original form of this novel over twenty years ago.  It was his first stand alone novel.  He has done a great job of rewriting it for the current reader.
Jordan is the last of an elite group within the NSA.  Knowledge of betrayal inside the NSA, at the highest levels, comes to him.  He then sees his wife gunned down and realizes his own life in is danger.  Who can he trust at the NSA?  How can he stop the plan for terrorists to place nuclear warheads on the planes already stashed within the U.S.?
I read Vince Flynn so I know the NSA and their operatives (in print).  Jenkins does a great job in portraying a Christian involved in the defense of the U.S.  The story is well written and the dialogue is snappy.
If you like espionage but want it from a Christian viewpoint, I highly recommend this book.
Tyndale House publishers, 371 pages.

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