Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rooms by Jason Rubart

What might you be asked to give up to be a follower of Jesus?
Micah Taylor is a successful Seattle software company owner worth millions.  He receives a letter informing him that he has come into possession of a house on the Oregon coast built by his uncle Archie.  Micah goes to the coast to look at the house and begins the adventure of his lifetime.  Through experiencing various rooms in the house and having interactions with people in Cannon Beach, Micah faces his troubled past and his spiritual future.
This is one of those few novels having personal spiritual impact as well as telling a good story.  As I read about Micah facing truth and temptation, I thought about similar experiences in my own life.  This book is not a mindless beach read.  You'll want to review your own spiritual experiences as you read about Micah's.
Rooms is not a "perfect" book.  I think is was too long at nearly 400 pages.  I got a bit weary of Micah facing the same huge question over and over again.  Also, it seemed that some of the supernatural aspects (appearing and disappearing rooms, voices, objects) seemed forced.  At times I thought of this book as The Shack to the extreme. 
All that said, I do suggest you read the book.  Its defects are minor compared to the spiritual impact contained within.  It will make you think about what you are willing to give up to be a true follower of Jesus.

B & H Publishing Group, 375 pages.

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