Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Life Book by Carl Blunt

With the emphasis on the separation of church and state, how can God's Word be legally brought to the public schools?  The Life Book Movement is having great success in distributing youth oriented portions of the Bible to high school students.  The Life Book has brief overviews of the Old Testament and the book of John.  The format is interactive as there are comments from students and penetrating questions in the margins.  At the back of the small book are verses and comments about problems teen experience as well as a "What will you do?" section.  
The Gideons International founded The Life Book Movement.  Working with churches, copies of The Life Book are placed in the hands of Christian high school students who then pass them on to their classmates at school.  With studies showing that only 4% of today's teenagers are Bible-believing Christians this is a great way for Christian teens to reach their unchurched classmates.
The Life Book Movement has the ultimate goal of distributing The Life Book to nearly 18 million high school students.  I'm going to encourage my church's youth pastor to get involved.
Teens, go to to request a copy or download it.  You can even add your comments in The Life Book at the web site.
Church members, if you are interested in bringing The Life Book Campaign to your area, go to to find out more information. 
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Unknown said...

it's a good book. i was just in glasgow with about 80 young people planning to hand out about 25 copies each to their friends. that's pretty cool!

thx for the good post. peace to you.

Anonymous said...

Our founders believed in the separation of church from state. It enables ALL PEOPLE to practice their religious beliefs without BEING FORCED BY THE GOVERNMENT TO ADOPT A RELIGION DICTATED BY YOU AND THE STATE. Wow - your Jesus is certainly not the same Jesus I believe in. Good luck with your book, your money, and your white privilege !