Saturday, March 12, 2011

Danger on Her Doorstep by Rachelle McCalla

I like the last book I read in the evening to be a rewarding novel, but not too thought provoking.  McCalla's novel of mystery and romance was perfect.
Maggie's father died under somewhat suspicious circumstances even though the ruling was death by accident.  Maggie has inherited her father's properties and returns to her small Iowa hometown to fix up and sell them.  She hires Gideon, the town sheriff who has just been relieved of his duties, to do the repairs.  Gideon's brother is in jail for drug making and distribution and Gideon is out of law enforcement until he can prove he was not protecting his brother's illegal actions.
As Maggie and Gideon work, it becomes evident someone wants something in the house.  A break in occurs and the basement has been searched.  The action escalates with threats and attempted arson.
McCalla combines a growing attraction between Maggie and Gideon with their move to solving the mystery of the house and its hidden contents.  Maggie is a Christian and Gideon becomes one so it is fun to watch their developing feelings for each other.  And the mystery is pretty good too.  There are even discussion questions at the end of the book for reading groups.
This small book is one of the Steeple Hill, "Love Inspired Romance" mass paperbacks from Harlequin.  It reminds me of the dime novels we had when I was a kid.  (OK, so maybe they were more than a dime...)  Being part of the "inspirational" line, the novel is great reading for Christians.

Steeple Hill, 214 pages.

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