Thursday, March 31, 2011

Book of Days by James Rubart

“What if it's true? That our lives are written down, recorded, every one's life?”

His wife had asked Cameron that, years ago, before she had died. He'd teased her about it then. “What, like some cosmic yearbook” But his father, right before he died, had told Cameron he must find the book with all his days in it. Cameron had brushed off his father's semi-lucid ramblings for eight years.
But now Cameron is losing bits of his memory and he fears he is traveling down his father's dementia strewn path. He is desperate to believe the book exists and is determined to find it. He plans to take time away from his business and search for this unknown book in Oregon.
Ann, foster sister to Cameron's wife, is longing to find out about her mother. She has a photo that is leading her to Oregon as well. While Cameron and Ann have always had an antagonistic relationship, they agree to meet in Three Peaks to pursue their individual mysteries.
Three Peaks has its own mysteries and people determined to keep them hidden. The town also has its own religious guru who is bent on finding the book at any cost.

Rubart has written another fine novel. His father began to loose treasured memories in 2000 and Rubart found Psalm 139:16 a great comfort. Rubart knew that his father's memories would be returned to him when he crossed over into eternity. (377) And then he got to thinking. What if God's “book” could be found on earth?
This is a fine story, well written and thought provoking. I highly recommend it. The discussion questions at the end would make this a great read for book groups.

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B & H Publishing Group, 381 pages.

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