Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rest in Peace by Frances Divine

Victoria Storm runs the Cedar Chapel Lodge, a senior boardinghouse that she inherited from her grandparents. The pet store owner is found dead and while the coroner rules it an accident, Victoria suspects it was murder. When she and her fiance Benjamin begin to uncover evidence, Miss Maggie, one of her lodgers, goes missing. And then there is that pesky woman Benjamin has hired as his secretary who seems to be after him.
This is the first of the Home Town Mystery series I have read by Devine. It became apparent early on that there have been earlier novels about these characters by the author. While it was still a pleasant read, you will find the story much more rewarding is you are continuing on with the series.
This was definitely a “cozy” mystery. The action was slow and methodical. There are no gruesome murder descriptions and there are interesting elderly characters. The audience for this novel is certainly gray haired.

I was provided an egalley of this novel by Barbour Publishers for the purpose of this review.

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