Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nehemiah The Wiersbe Bible Study Series

Nehemiah was a leader who cared about the traditions of the past, the needs of the present and the hopes of the future.

Wiersbe's study of Nehemiah's leadership is divided into eight lessons and is designed to be used by individuals as well as small groups. The lessons do make reference to Wiersbe's commentary on Nehemiah, Be Determined, but the necessary passages are quoted in this study. Having the commentary as a resource, however, would provide additional insights and background material.
Each lesson begins with questions to get the reader thinking about first impressions. Next are questions to help examine the context of the passage, its meaning and application. Additional questions allow you to focus on your own situation. Wiersbe notes that these personal questions may be uncomfortable but are necessary for looking into the mirror of God's Word.
Each lesson ends with a going forward section, giving one the opportunity to write down what needs to be done to live out the truths discovered. The final section of each study reminds us to ask God into the process of spiritual growth.
Wiersbe brings out several characteristics of Nehemiah the leader: a caring attitude, a dependence upon prayer, an ability to do God's work, wisdom in approaching those in authority, concern for God's glory, ability to encourage others in the face of opposition and the threat of division, providing for the spiritual needs of his people, helping people see the provision of God's grace, and encouraging them to dedication in their relationship with God.
The suggestions for leaders are great. A novice small group leader would find plenty of help for leading these studies. The introspective questions make this study suitable for individuals to do on their own too. You might want to call a friend to join you as the thought provoking questions will soon have you sharing your thoughts on the subject.

David C. Cook, 140 pages.

This book was provided by The B & B Media Group on behalf of the publisher, David C. Cook, for the purpose of this review.

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