Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Like Dandelion Dust by Karen Kingsbury

It is every adoptive parent's nightmare.  After four years of bliss with their wonderful Joey, a judge rules that the original adoption was illegal.  The biological father had been in prison and the biological mother had forged his signature.  When he is released from prison he finds out he has a son and demands he care for Joey.
The social worker has no choice.  It's the law.  The adoptive parents are distraught.  And little Joey?  He cries.  He hates being separated from his "parents," even for the couple of weekends the judge mandates as a workup to the final transfer.  And then the biological father angrily grabs Joey, bruising him.  The social worker can't prove it isn't the fall the biological parents claim.
This book is a real tear jerker.  I have to admit, I did look at the end of the book before I finished it.
Kingsbury has done a great job pitting the love of adoptive parents against the rule of law.  And where does God fit into all of this?  Is it God's will that Joey go back to his biological parents?
This is a great book.  And now it is a movie.  We are going to discuss the book and then watch the movie at the next reading group meeting.  What a treat.  There is a reading group guide at the end of the book too.

Center Street, a division of the Hachette Book Group, 368 pages.

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