Friday, July 8, 2011

The God I Never Knew by Robert Morris

Like meeting a sibling he never knew existed, Morris discovered the Holy Spirit. He had grown up in a church but one that avoided the Holy Spirit as much as possible. Now he has had twenty five years to develop an intimate relationship with God in the person of the Holy Spirit.
Morris is the founding pastor of a sixteen thousand member church in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. He knows that the “fruits and gifts and fellowship of the Holy Spirit are all available for us today...” (68)
Morris suspects that most Christians have been misinformed about the Holy Spirit. He has written this book so others can experience the amazing relationship with Him too.
He introduces the Holy Spirit as the Helper. He dwells in the believer so that we are never alone. He helps you know what to say and what is sinful. He is your Friend. “[A] real friendship with Him can change your life.” (21)
Morris explains how the Holy Spirit talks and how to listen. He reminds us the Holy Spirit is a person and reveals His personality. The Holy Spirit has all the attributes God has.
He says, “The reason more Christians don't know the will of God is that they don't have a friendship with the Holy Spirit...” (47) The Holy Spirit knows everything and He has committed Himself to be your teacher. The Holy Spirit can be grieved.
Morris spends some time explaining Pentecost and that the experience is available today. He speaks of the baptism of the Holy Spirit (regeneration) water baptism, and the baptism in the Holy Spirit (Jesus baptizes into the Holy Spirit). He reviews the biblical evidence for the three baptisms in the New Testaments and the foreshadowing and symbolism in the Old Testament.
He asks, “Have you ever experienced an immersion in the Holy Spirit that brought supernatural power and help into your life?” (108)
He explains the meaning of charismatic, “Charisma is the instantaneous enablement of the Holy Spirit in the life of any believer to exercise a gift for the edification of others.” (123) He looks at the categories of gifts and then explains the operation of the gifts, paying extra attention to tongues, including his own experience.
Many Christians living a life of defeat and failure are living without the power of the Holy Spirit. Morris encourages the reader to allow the Holy Spirit to be your friend.
A discussion guide is included.

WaterBrook Press, 198 pages.

I received an advanced reading copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this review.

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