Friday, July 15, 2011

Return of the Anti Christ by Patrick Heron

Heron shares his latest insights on biblical prophecy. He takes a “literal” meaning of Scripture as much as possible. “So the Abyss is somewhere in the depths of the bowls (sic) of the earth, under our feet.” (45) Combining 1 Pet. 3:19,20 and 2 Pet. 2:4 he says, “It says this Abyss is inhabited by both spirits and angels.” (45) The Abyss is also called Tartarus.
In preparation of identifying the Anti-Christ, Heron writes about angels. Angels eat food and get their feet washed. (50) There are women angels with wings in Zach. 5, but, “Nowhere are we told male angels have wings.” (50) He concludes, “So we can say with certainty that angels are men. Not humans as we are. But men nevertheless but of a spirit nature.” (52) He also argues that “God has features which resembles men.” (52) We will some day see His face. (53)
Since the Abyss is an actual place within the earth, the smoke that arises in Rev. 9 is actual smoke too. (57) (He likens the event to a volcano erupting.)
He identifies the Anti-Christ based on Rev. 9:11. He is an angel, a spirit man. His name is Abaddon in Hebrew Apollyn, or Apollo, in Greek. He is a spirit man who have been incarcerated, locked up in Tartarus since the time of the flood of Noah. (65) He is a spirit being so he has supernatural abilities. (He is not a human possessed by Satan. 89) Tartarus is beneath the sea. (79)
He is an advocate of the secret Rapture. Regarding the “falling away” of 2 Thess. 2:3, Heron says this is not an apostasy. The word really means “departure” and refers to the Rapture.
He says the New Jerusalem is pyramid shaped and the Great Pyramid is an earthly representation of it. (192) The Great Pyramid was built by fallen angels. (195)

Heron lives in Ireland. He said something about the U.S. that was news to me. It “seems to be a done deal,” he says, that an alliance between Canada, the United States and Mexico has been established with a new currency called the Amero. (83)
Heron dances between the literal and the figurative. The Abyss and smoke in Rev. 9:2 are literal but the locusts in Rev. 9:3 are figurative and are angelic beings. (58)

As with anyone writing on biblical prophecy, I would encourage the reader to be discriminating. Some of Heron's insights are surprising, such as the Anti-Christ is actually an angel. In some areas, I think he's missed it. But then, according to Heron, we Christians will be gone for that whole show anyway.

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