Monday, July 11, 2011

Weird by Craig Groeschel

We want to appear normal, right? Groeschel did until the tragic death of a college coed woke him to the seriousness of life. He began studying the Bible and realized what it taught was anything but normal. It was weird.
What's “normal” in today's society is not working. Groeschel encourages us to quit being normal. Be weird, the God kind of weird.
He begins with time and how we live in it. “God will often give you more than you can handle so you can learn to depend on him rather than on yourself.” (32) He helps us unplug from the “busy machine” and encourages Sabbath. He suggests asking, “Is it wise?” when confronted with a decision or invitation.
Next he looks at money, reminding that God has richly blessed us. “As long as we live in pursuit of more stuff … we will never life in true abundance.” (71) We don't think we are rich because some marketer has convinced us we can't be unless we can afford their product. The weird view: “Gratitude for all we have and stewardship of its use for the good of all.” (71) Live with contentment and generosity.
He shares his thoughts on love and marriage. He reminds us to focus on God for fulfillment, not our spouse. “If we focus on God first and view our spouse as his gift to us, we stop expecting another person to do what only God can do.” (110) And, “If the grass looks greener somewhere else, it's time to water your own lawn.” (111)
He writes about family relationships, raising children to need and intimately know God, maintaining fidelity in your marriage, resisting sexual temptation, and helping your kids understand God's plan for sex.
Groeschel notes we must always be aware: “The current of normalcy will pull you away from God at every opportunity you let it.” (191)
He ends with four questions to help give clarity in discerning what God wants you to do with your life, your God-given objective.
His primary motivation for writing this book is that “we've made lukewarm synonymous with normal” for the Christian life. (231) Quit being normal. Be weird.

“Normal is to strive for the center of what the world lives like.
Weird is to live to be in the center of God's will.” (120)
“...[W]eird people know that everything is spiritual … We live aware of God moment by moment. He is not a part of our lives; God is our life.” (127)

This is a good encouragement to live the life God has called us to – for new and seasoned Christians alike. I highly recommend it.

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Zondervan, 238 pages.

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