Friday, July 1, 2011

Stop Saying You're Fine by Mel Robbins

Robbins is a life coach and shares her insight on getting “unstuck.”
Our brains have paths already established. Robbins teaches us what it takes to ignores those paths and take action. For example, she suggests breaking your routine. “Just by paying attention to what's hidden inside your routines, you will change.” (90) She shares several strategies.
“Many of your feelings...need to be seen as an enemy, when it comes tor reaching your goals.” (103) Those feelings tell you the opposite of what you need to do.
She describes the method:
Face the facts. Admit the truth about you. Be honest with yourself. Confess your true desires, admitting your stuck. Getting over the feelings of shame is essential. “Facing the truth is tough stuff. … You will never just wake up with the motivation and fortitude that you've been missing for years. … The only choice you have is to force yourself to change whether you feel like it or not.” (117)

Audit your life, she suggests:
Face the truth
Admit what you want
Go public
Make a map (she offers a free template on her website)
Lean toward what you want

“Everything you desire is on the other side of your fear. If you will push through, you will get it.” (193-4) Take tiny, tiny steps. Act within five seconds of the idea.

She shares the benefit of twenty minute workouts, every day. “If you want to think clearer, beat stress, put the damper on your depression, boost your confidence, and get unstuck, you simply need to exercise.” (235)
She ends her book with a seven day program to help you take action.

Robbins is verbose.  I think this book could hve been about half as long.  The best stuff is in the latter half.  Basically, you've just got to do what needs to be done.  She does offer some straegies but they are not as powerful as some offered by other authors I have read.

Crown, 256 pages.

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Please do name those other authors. Do a review of authors on the topic perhaps.

This is my first visit to your blog. I am signed up for followup comments. I would be happy to write you my view of the feeling I get from her YT video.