Friday, July 12, 2019

Two Hearts Denied by Lyn Cote

This novel started out as a mystery but ended up being more of a romance. Claire is the main character and when the husband of her good friend goes missing, the police detective Ryker comes into the picture.

The fledgling romance is an interesting exploration of the lasting effects of prior romance. Claire had been infatuated with the man now missing and had never really let go of her strong love for him, even though he had married her best friend. Ryker's wife had been kidnapped and murdered. He was sure he would never take a chance on love again.

I was expecting some good detective work in Ryker solving the mystery of the missing man. But the investigation stalled without any evidence to follow. I was a little disappointed in the resolution to the mystery in the end, feeling it came a bit out of left field.

An additional issue facing Claire concerned her work as a lawyer. Just out of law school, she was dismayed to find the firm she worked for seemed to deal with some shady characters. That issue helped fill out the plot with a little more intrigue.

I like Cote's writing style and found reading this novel a pleasure even though I wasn't too pleased with the overall plot structure.

My rating: 4/5 stars.

Lyn Cote is a bestselling author who has written over 45 books. She is a RITA finalist and an American Christian Fiction Writers Carol Award winner. You can find out more at

Amazon Digital Services, 211 pages.

I received a complimentary digital copy of this book from the author. My comments are an independent and honest review.

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