Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Code Blue by Richard Mabry

Mabry is an MD and this was his first novel (Prescription for Trouble series, #1).  There is now a second in the series.
Dr. Cathy Sewell returns to her hometown to set up her practice after she was jilted in a relationship.  But things don't go so well.  Ghosts from her past return to haunt her.  She is mad at God because of the untimely death of her parents.  The local hospital refuses to give her privileges.  Someone wants to ruin her practice and perhaps even kill her.
The is a pretty good first novel.  There is lots of medical information done in a way that is understandable and interesting.  There is a little romance - just enough.  The way the guilty person is found out is an overused plot technique and I think the author could have done better.
The character development of Dr. Sewell is lacking.  I am always a bit mystified when an author of one gender has a lead character of the other.  Here, a male author has a female as the lead character.  I am a bit bemused that a man should presume to understand a woman to the extent that he feels he can write a novel from her viewpoint.  
I read this on my Kindle.  At one point it was a free download.  Now I don't even see it available in Kindle format. (It is available at Sno-Isle, as is the sequel.)
Abingdon, 288 pages.

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