Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Nomad by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

In this era of political correctness, Ali is very incorrect.  Having been raised a Muslim and then rejecting that faith, she knows of which she speaks. 
The first part of her book is biographical while the latter part reveals her thoughts on her new national home, the United States.  
It was interesting to me to understand that the current militant and aggressive form of Islam did not rise until the 1980s.  Europeans and Americans were caught napping.
She gives a serious wake up call to Christians.  While not a Christian herself, she argues that the Christian God is the God the Muslims are really looking for - a God of compassion and love.  Christians missed the opportunity to speak to Muslims when the possibility was presented.  She suggests Christians increase their commitment to Christian schools, countering the strict Muslim schools.
Her passion now is to educate the public about the fate of women under strict Muslim rule.  She is concerned that the mutilation of girls still occurs and that honor killings are still committed, even in America.
This is certainly a wake up call to those who think all cultures are equal.  Ali argues that some are not as good as others and need to be challenged before it is too late.

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