Sunday, January 2, 2011

Walls by Ryan Rush

Rush says that if we feel like we are missing out on all God has for our life, we probably are. We get stuck because of walls that prevent us from living the life God intends. We get caught in a place where we make no spiritual progress for a long period of time.

He wants Christians to live spiritually authentic lives. He has provided the biblical insights in this book to help people face their walls and break through to a better life. We overcome life barriers by learning to trust in, and intentionally pursuing God and what he has promised.
Rush defines a “wall” as “an unhealthy mind-set that keeps you from living life as God intends.” The bricks making up the walls are negative thoughts about your circumstances (not the circumstances themselves) and doubts about God and His promises.
The author says he has never seen a breakthrough without first acknowledging the wall. He spends several chapters giving the negative aspects of walls, such as identifying and naming them. Then comes discovering the promises that are the “positive opposite” of the wall and learning to walk in God's grace. This requires choice, self-control, and a plan. Then comes the proving ground of testing.
Rush says there are no quick fixes. This book is “like a nutritional plan for your mind and spirit.” Readers are encouraged with many stories, some from Rush's own life.
Readers are encouraged to become part of a community at
Unfortunately, Rush is good at telling people what they should do but really fails to give practical tools. Yes, we are to change our thoughts but how does that happen? Yes, we are to break down the walls, but tell me how to use the hammer!
I think this book could prove effective only if it is used in a discipleship kind of group. One would need the suggestions and support of others to make the breakthroughs. There are discussion questions at the end of each chapter that could be used in such a group.

Tyndale House Publishers provided an advanced reading copy for this review.

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