Monday, January 24, 2011

Dragons of the Valley by Donita K. Paul

Strange things are happening in Chiril. It appears that an attack by Baardack may be soon. Village administrators are disappearing in what looks like a plan to prevent the people of Chiril from being organized in preventing the invasion. Add to the danger The Grawl, a hunter/beast like no one has seen before. He does not hesitate to kill those who cross his path.
The three statues from The Vanishing Sculptor must be kept together. Tipper, Bealomondore, and their friends must find a place to hide the statues and keep them safe or it will be the end of Chiril as they know it. Will they make it to the Valley of Dragons before it is too late to save the people of Chiril? Will the peace loving artist Bealomondore be willing to use the sword the wizard Fentworth has given him?
Donita Paul continues to please readers with her Christian fantasy series. She has created delightful characters, some menacing, some reluctantly brave, some confident in the power and protection of Wulder, and some delightfully lighthearted in the enjoyment of life. There are dragons, big ones, little ones. And then there is Lady Peg who can talk such nonsense you might laugh out loud!
The storyline and characters are suitable for readers of all ages. The novel has a great mix of adventure and thoughtful reflection, interspersed with humor and a little romance at the end. The adventure will keep the young readers going while the reflection and humor entices adult readers. Christians will appreciate the continued revelation of the character of Wulder, the creator. Other readers will not find the religious aspect of the book too heavy to prevent their enjoyment of the novel.
This is the second in a series and one may want to read the first, The Vanishing Sculptor, before reading this one. The book will be best appreciated by those who have read all of Donita Paul's dragon books. There is a nifty appendix detailing all of the characters and creatures, however, so even if this is the first of Paul's books you read, you can still figure out the essential aspects of the novel easily.

In conjunction with the CSFF Blog Tour, I received a free copy of this book from the publisher.

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Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

What an excellent review, Joan. You've given a good summary, the cautions, and the reasons readers will like the book. Really well done.

Your visitors can gain a lot by reading your reviews.


Sarah Sawyer said...

Lady Peg amused me too. She's a strong contender for my favorite character in the book...and certainly one of the most unique! Humor is one of Donita's strengths, in my opinion.

Donita K. Paul said...

Oh, I do love Lady Peg. I watched hours of Gracie Allen to nail Peg's personality. I enjoyed reading your input, Joan. Thank you for taking the time to really make a good presentation.

Unknown said...

Good, concise review. I enjoyed the book as well!