Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The God Hater by Bill Myers

I was taken by surprise.  I thought I was reading a Christian sci-fi novel of a carefully crafted virtual reality world gone bad.  Then, it becomes an exciting allegory of the Creator entering our world to save us.
The God Hater is a very well written story.  I was captured at the beginning when two professors, one a Christian and the other a God hater, have friendly banter.  As the story enfolds, we find that the God hater's brother has created a virtual world in which people evolve and develop a civilization.  The beings in the program continue to self destruct when given free will.  The God hater is asked by his brother to help find a way to save the virtual beings.  Corporate espionage nearly destroys the project.  There are some who will stop at nothing, including killing, to acquire the technology.  Can the virtual world be rescued?  What will it take?
This is a page turner.  It is a great allegory of of God entering our world and paying the price for our sins.  How Myers developed this story to its dramatic conclusion is amazing. 
For those of you in the Whidbey Island area, you can request this book through the Sno-Isle Library system, as I did, so it won't even cost you to read this great book!
For excerpts, author video and other tools for The God Hater, see: http://www.thegodhater.com/ 
Howard Books, 305 pages.

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Portugal said...

The God Hater is a very well done novel. I enjoyed reading it and had a hard time putting it down. In fact, once I got past the first couple of chapters, I read it in a matter of seven hours or so (over two days). That's not to say there was anything wrong with the first few chapters, it just took me personally that long to become invested in such a way that I completely ignored the dishes, the sweeping and other chores so that I could read.