Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Choices by Jacquelyn Lynn Blog Tour

About the Book

Book: Choices
Author: Jacquelyn Lynn
Genre: Contemporary Women’s Fiction
Release Date: April, 2019

In a horrifying moment of inattention on a dark morning, lives change forever.

When college student Samantha Lawrence takes her eyes off the road for just a few seconds to send a text, she swerves out of her lane and hits Kevin Wyland as he rides his bicycle. In a panic, she drives away.

After the crash, Samantha tries to find out who the rider is and the status of his injuries. She is shocked to discover that she knows him. Not only does she shop at the pet supply store he and his wife own, they are both regular customers of Joyful Cup, a popular neighborhood coffee shop, and friends with the owner, Joy Shepherd.

Consumed with overwhelming guilt and fear of criminal charges, Samantha decides to do whatever it takes to avoid being identified as the hit-and-run driver. Kevin struggles with anger, bitterness, and a crisis of faith as he embarks on the slow process of recovering from his serious injuries.

As their lives intertwine with increasing frequency, Samantha and Kevin both turn to Joy for advice and guidance. Can she help them find the forgiveness and peace they need?

This is a heartwarming story with a powerful message of forgiveness that will make you smile even as it brings tears to your eyes.

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My Review

This is an interesting and short novel about choices we make. One moment of distraction while driving and life is changed for many people. I liked that Kevin struggled so much with why God allowed the accident to happen. I liked Joy, a wise woman with penetrating questions for others.

I was a little disappointed in the Epilogue. A great deal happened in those few pages the whole novel built toward. What happened in the Epilogue seemed to be the most important part of the story. I would have rather there had been about another fifty pages covering all those issues.

Lynn's writing style is good and I generally enjoyed the novel except for the abrupt end.

My rating: 4/5 stars.

About the Author

Jacquelyn Lynn finds joy in her faith, family, and friends, and in the knowledge that she is living God’s purpose for her life. In addition to Choices, she is the author of more than 30 non-fiction books including Finding Joy in the Morning and Words to Work By, as well as the meditations in the Christian Meditations and Faith Words Adult Coloring Books.

More from Jacquelyn

The idea for Choices first came to me more than five years ago. Though I’ve written (or ghostwritten) more than 30 non-fiction books, the process of writing a novel was both intriguing and intimidating. Once I voiced my desire, my wonderful husband Jerry Clement became my biggest champion, encouraging and even nagging me along the way as I talked but didn’t write. And when I finally began to write, he listened, offered suggestions, and proofread. Every time I voiced a doubt, he shot it down. As the manuscript neared completion, he designed the cover and supported me through the myriad of details that are essential to finishing and publishing a book. Had it not been for him, Choices would not be in readers’ hands today. As Choices began to take shape, I realized that Joyful Cup, the coffee shop where much of the story takes place, had many more stories to tell. The next book in the Joyful Cup Story series will be released in 2020.

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Looking forward to reading it!

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This book sounds fantastic and I can't wait to read it.

Dianna said...

Do you think the abrupt ending/epilogue was paving the way for a book 2?

Vivian Furbay said...

Would enjoy reading this to see what happens. Vivian Furbay jtandviv (at) q (dot) com

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This sounds like a good book. Thanks for the chance!

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So happy to have gotten to know about your book. Thanks so much for sharing.

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Thank you for your honest review!