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Fatal Memories Blog Tour

About the Book

Book: Fatal Memories
Author: Tanya Stowe
Genre: Inspirational Romantic Suspense
Release Date: September 1, 2019

She was framed! Or was she?

If only she could remember…

Border patrol agent Jocelyn Walker has no memory of how she turned up unconscious with a cache of drugs—or why a gang is dead set on killing her. With evidence stacking up against her, Joss takes refuge with driven DEA agent Dylan Murphy, who guards—and suspects— her. But will finally trusting each other lead them into a trap they’ll never escape?

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My Review

There is lots of action in this novel. It's almost non-stop. There is plenty of suspense too. Some of it arises from the heroine having amnesia. We don't know how she got into her endangered situation. Neither does the dedicated DEA agent hero, a man who has romantic feelings for her. Might she have been working along with the drug runners? We hope not, right along with him.

The character development is minimal. It may be partly because the focus of the plot is definitely action and suspense. It is also due to the amnesia of the heroine. All we learn of her comes second hand. We do get some insights into our hero's character but less than in we would find in plots not so suspenseful. The obstacles to romance are external, such as living location and career, not internal. Romance readers who like internal obstacles that need to be overcome will not find many here.

This is a good novel for romance readers who like a plot focused on suspense and action. There is a good inspirational message included but not deep internal struggles to overcome nor deep internal changes.

My rating: 4/5 stars.

About the Author

Tanya Stowe is a Christian Fiction author with an unexpected edge. She is married to the love of her life, her high school sweetheart. They have four children and twenty-one grandchildren, a true adventure. She fills her books with the unusual…mysteries and exotic travel, even a murder or two. No matter where Tanya takes you…on a trip to foreign lands or a suspenseful journey packed with danger…be prepared for the extraordinary.

More from Tanya

It has long been my husband’s desire to travel the country in a motorhome. So when he retired three years ago, we sold our home and hit the road. We lived in the high desert region of Southern California for almost 37 years. I thought it was going to be a rough transition, but it wasn’t…especially since I came to love one of our new locations.
We spend the winter months in southern Arizona where Fatal Memories is set. I love everything about this unique place. We are surrounded by incredible ecosystems…the Sonoran and Chihuahua deserts collide there, so a different environment is around every corner. The beauty of the mountains, streams and lakes (yes, there’s water in southern Arizona—monsoons come up from Baja every summer) and the wildlife is amazing. I’ve been told black panthers have been known to cross the border from Mexico and roam the countryside. My husband and I bought a Jeep so we could go off-roading to see these sites up close and personal.
In addition to all these amazing natural wonders, history jumps out and grabs me. I’m just twenty minutes from Tombstone. Fort Huachuca and Fort Bowie are forty miles away in different directions. Every time I turn around, there’s a history making site or event to grab my interest. I hope you can see why I fell in love with my new home. I hope you will too when you read Fatal Memories.
By the way…if you interested, I write about our travels in my monthly newsletter. Be sure to check it out!

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